Roofing Materials


The price of residential roofing materials has nearly doubled in past decade. As a result, many large roofing companies started to switch to inferior materials, taking advantage of the homeowners who didn't know much about roofing. At Modern Roofing, we consider such a business approach unfair to the customer, and find it creates a negative impact on entire roofing industry.

At Modern Roofing we only use high quality materials and established brands such GAF and Certainteed. We always recommend upgraded roofing systems which include more ice-guard, better underlayment, and upgraded heavy duty dimensional shingles (Landmark Pro, Premium, Timberline Ultra). From the financial point of view, it is a better investment for the customer who cares about his property.  It doesn't make any sense to spend thousands of dollars for a roof which will fail, when for just a few hundred dollars more you can have a quality roof that will last over 30 years, look good, and increase the re-sale value of the property.