Without professional workmanship, any superior roofing system can fail. At Modern Roofing, we have created a system where every step of the process of your roof replacement is under control. Our roofers are trained and certified by shingle manufacturers. They are always supervised throughout the process to guarantee the highest quality of workmanship. We use onsite training as well as manufacturers' programs such as Certainteed Master Shingle Applicator. We have a professional crew that complies not only with our installation standard but the manufacturers' as well. This allows us to provide the customer with double protection of his investment, which is backed up by us and the manufacturers of installed roofing materials. We are proud to offer Sure Start Protection as a standard labor warranty from Certainteed, because of our Shingle Master credential.

Safety is our goal. We implement several safety training programs for our newly hired employees. At Modern Roofing, we understand that a safe work environment is important for us and our customers. We make sure our job site is organized and clean, and our workers conduct a safe operation. In residential roofing it's especially important to have well-established techniques to protect the customers' property during the roof replacement. We cover all surrounding areas with tarps, which attached to the gutters and and help to protect the landscaping and the building itself from falling debris. We move outdoor furniture out of the way. We use dumper trailers to catch debris from the roof. Dumper trailers are safer for your driveway than metal dumpster containers. They create a cleaner job site, and safer and more efficient operation.  After cleanup is done, we sweep nails with magnets and return the outdoor furniture to its place if it was moved. We leave the job site clean, safe, and ready to use.